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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Second Day at the Therapy Agency

Today I spent my time at the Therapy Agency updating the website by adding logos and links to show some of the clients the Therapy Agency has worked with. It was very interesting learning about how websites are made and updated, as I didn't know that much about it. I learnt how to use Fireworks to re-size images and how to create links to different web pages. I was amazed by all the different codes and format of the website. I didnt realise how complex web pages can be.

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Thursday, 18 February 2010

My first day at the Therapy Agency

As you may have seen on our website, the Therapy Agency has become involved in the Enterprise Experience, run by the University of Reading. I have been given the opportunity to gain work experience with them as a PR/marketing assistant, to support The Therapy Agency’s on-going development, as well as develop relationships with its clients.
Today is my first day, apprehensive but keen to learn. Jason, has taught me all about the blog and its uses, so my first task is to update you all on my tasks. I am very excited about working within a company which is one of the leading suppliers of complementary therapies in the country. I am relishing this opportunity to develop my skills and increase my experience within the PR and marketing sector.

By taking part within the business, hopefully I will be able to support the Therapy Agency in their work. I am hoping to expand my own ideas and experiences by working within the Therapy Agency. I have looked through publications and marketing documents put together by the Therapy Agency, which I found it fascinating to learn about the implications of stress has upon businesses and the financial loss they can endure due to lack of staff well being.
I'll try to keep you updated about all my experiences with the Therapy Agency!

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Monday, 1 February 2010

World Record for Longest Massage Treatment / Consecutive Massage Treatments

I was following up on a previous enquiry to Guinness World Records this evening, in relation to setting a world record for the longest massage treatment or series of consecutive massage treatments.

Since not long after starting to provide professional massage therapies in 1996, I've often provided massage treatments in excess of 5 hours on a single person.

Similarly, at the various events I've been involved, I've provided over 10 hours of consecutive therapy treatments back-to-back.

So, back in August 2005, I contact Guinness World Records (probably the most recognised officiants of world records), in order to request setting a marathon record for at least 24 hours of consecutive massage treatments, by a single therapist.  This I was planning to do at an event the following year.

However (reference: WC138828), I was informed:
Thank you for sending us the details of your recent record proposal for 'Longest series of massage treatments back-to-back'. We are  afraid to say that we are unable to accept this as a Guinness World Record.

We are unable to regulate what constitutes a massage as the person attempting the record would have to maintain a style and form (e.g. firm/strong/medium) for over 24 hours - and this would be impossible to judge visually.

We realize that this will be disappointing to you.  However, we have considered your proposal fully; in the context of the specific subject area and that of records as a whole, and our decision is final in this matter.
Decided to take a look around today however, I was most surprised to see a massage therapist from the USA, by the name of Zane, claiming to hold the 'world record for the longest massage treatment' on a single person by a single therapist, at just 6 hours.
He was able to get some TV news coverage (there are various misleading links from the official GWR website, to his details, even though by GWR's own definition, they do not recognise massage marathons as valid record attempts).  Unfortunately, Zane has yet to mention that his record attempts have not been recognised by Guinness World Record rules.
I wonder how much he's selectively left that information out.

Similarly, I found other links found around the web, of an onsite massage therapist by the name of Costa John, who in December 2009 claims to have provided 229 massage treatments back-to-back, over a 50 hour period (averaging less than 13 minutes per treatment).

Thankfully Mr John does at least seem to have raised around 15,000 dollars for charity.  And hasn't made reference yet (or misleading links) that his attempt was not 'officially endorsed' (by GWR at least).  Although it was a surprise to see both his hands off the client, during a short 3 minute video of the end of his marathon, filmed before the marathon actually finished.  Which does make me wonder just how effective his treatments must have been during the massage marathon, and how many breaks he must have also taken, whilst claiming to have been providing treatments for 50 hours straight.

Guinness World Records have at least accepted one massage record, for the longest massage chain (430 people), at the V Festival in the UK, in the summer of 2009:

I do appreciate that the quality of massage treatments does vary considerably from therapist to therapist (one of the main reasons the Therapy Agency was established in the first place).

It is such a shame though, that Guinness World Records are as yet unable to contemplate recognising massage marathons, even with independent adjudication (ie from recognised massage teachers).
They now even include it as one of the 'standard' non-recognised marathon activities on their website:  (scroll down to the base of the page).

So, in summary, if anyone claims to have the 'World Record' for the 'Longest Massage Treatment' or 'Consecutive Massage Treatments', they are not records validated by the leading authority on world records, 'Guinness World Records'.

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