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Thursday, 18 February 2010

My first day at the Therapy Agency

As you may have seen on our website, the Therapy Agency has become involved in the Enterprise Experience, run by the University of Reading. I have been given the opportunity to gain work experience with them as a PR/marketing assistant, to support The Therapy Agency’s on-going development, as well as develop relationships with its clients.
Today is my first day, apprehensive but keen to learn. Jason, has taught me all about the blog and its uses, so my first task is to update you all on my tasks. I am very excited about working within a company which is one of the leading suppliers of complementary therapies in the country. I am relishing this opportunity to develop my skills and increase my experience within the PR and marketing sector.

By taking part within the business, hopefully I will be able to support the Therapy Agency in their work. I am hoping to expand my own ideas and experiences by working within the Therapy Agency. I have looked through publications and marketing documents put together by the Therapy Agency, which I found it fascinating to learn about the implications of stress has upon businesses and the financial loss they can endure due to lack of staff well being.
I'll try to keep you updated about all my experiences with the Therapy Agency!

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