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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Third Day at the Therapy Agency

Today I have begun some market research about how to improve the work environment within the 'Top 100 companies to work for'. The recent awards given by the Times newspaper, shows the best companies to work for within the UK in 2010. By contacting these companies we will be researching whether these companies have gained this award by providing complimentary therapy for their employees. If they have it will be interesting to find out how often they provide massages and how many employees participate.
So I have spent my time searching the internet for contact details for the 'Top 100 companies to work for' in 2010. Soon, I will be able to call and email the companies to carry out the research, and analyse their responses.
Found this article you may find interesting to read:
Rising stress doesn’t mean rising pound
With rising levels of stress being seen in the workplace, massage is becoming an important factor in diminishing it. Over the years, companies have undergone research into whether the benefits of massage would make it a necessity rather than a luxury and the answer is yes.
Research undergone by the CBI in 2001, has proved that on average, stress in employees is the cause “for around 70% of all sick leave in the UK, loosing on average 7.8 days per employee and costing more than £600 per employee per year.” And these figures are forever rising. In 2008, the House of Commons undertook research into stress and from their figures found that between the years of 2004 to 2007 stress levels had risen by 10%. To nip this problem in the bud, they immediately introduced a stress management policy where massage therapies were being offered among a range of other stress related treatments.
However, with the credit crunch digging its heels in to our purses should money be spent on these ‘luxuries’? In 2008, Sainsbury’s Mental Health Centre set out to display how stress related problems were affecting companies’ expenses. Their figures showed that it was costing £26billion per year due to absenteeism and sick pay.
Now is the time to initiate massage treatments into your business’s regime. It’s proven not online to relieve various muscular problems such as bad backs, but also reduce stress, and therefore sick leave. What’s more, is that massage can actually relieve other conditions ranging from arthritis to gastrointestinal problems, another name for stomach infections, which also lead to sick leave.
Occupations suffering from the most stress are those that work in I.T, but with local help ready at hand throughout the UK, these problems are being eliminated. Jason Parlour, massage therapist and founder of the Therapy Agency, provides treatments to stop workers stress particularly those in I.T, working for BluHalo and Vignette. The massage therapies given are a complex mixture of focusing on all the pressure points but there’s no need to get unclothed at work. To save any embarrassment, the massages are carried out fully clothed and can last only twenty minutes.
So if you’re feeling stressed, don’t hold back from invigorating yourself from massage. You may be cutting back on some comforts and the focus on your spending can really get you down so remember this cycle. Factors like this one cause stress which is reduced by massage which in turn increases your motivation and leads to more Friday feelings rather than dreary Monday mornings.

I will keep you updated.

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