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Friday, 28 May 2010

Microsoft Tag, a Barcode for your mobile, now on the Therapy Agency

You may now have seen the multicoloured triangular shaped thing on many of our website pages at the moment. This is part of a new free application for your mobile, called Microsoft TAG.

The idea being, you download and install the free application via your mobile, from

Then on opening the application on your phone, hold up your digital camera to the tag, and it will automatically do one of 4 things:

  • Dial the number provided in the tag, from your mobile
  • Open a URL suitable for your mobile
  • Have a text automatically sent to your phone, with further information about whatever you've just seen
  • Open a new contact card, with the relevant company details, names, numbers, email, etc. onto your phone.
If you've got a 'new generation' phone (ie one with a built in camera, internet access, and the opportunity to install applications), then just visit on your mobile, and hold up your phone to any of our tags on the website to automatically download our contact details.

Microsoft are expecting this tag to take off in a big way.  
(other applications have already been developed to read standard bar codes from products, and then compare prices with local stores automatically, this system however should offer quite a lot more)

Over a million posters have already had this kind of tag printed on them, mobiles are of course a part of every day life for most people now (recent research shows that a 7 year old is more likely to own a mobile than a book in the UK!).  So having a simple way for people to walk around with their mobiles, see a tag, and get the relevant information directly onto their mobiles could well be the future of things to come.

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